“Give a caress your children”

One of the most famous speeches of Pope John, is now known as "the Sermon on the moon. On 11 October 1962, in the evening of the Second Vatican Council, St Peter's Square was packed with faithful who, while not fully understand the value of the event,they  perceived the impact on the course of history, the great expectations, and they were in place symbol of cattolicesimo . loudly called to look, Pope Roncalli, appeared at the window to share with people the satisfaction  in order to achieve the first goal: had opened the Council.

The speech was poetic, sweet, simple, and yet contained elements innovative at all.
At the time that would have given a new course to a different order of relations among Christians, but also between believers and non-believers, with a point overtime, before dismissing the crowd, he greeted the moon:

"Dear children, I hear your voices. Mine is one voice, but summarizes the voice of the whole world. Here the whole world is represented. One could say that even the moon was rushed tonight, to look at this show, which not even the Basilica of St. Peter, that has four centuries of history, has never been able to contemplate. "
"My person is nothing, is a brother who speaks to you, become a father by the will of Our Lord, but all together, fatherhood and brotherhood and grace of God, we honor impressions of this evening, which are always our feelings, as now we express them in front of sky, and in front of the Earth: Faith, Hope, Charity and Love of God, Love of the Brothers. And then all at once, aided so, in the holy peace of the Lord, to works of Good. "
'Returning home, you will find children. Give a caress your childrens and say: this is the caress of the Pope. You will find some tears to dry, say a good word: the Pope is with us, especially in times of sadness and bitterness. "
The Pope now lived with the faithful square, he shared the evening of late summer, he was participating in the suffering under that unexpected moon; the Church was really much more community than it had ever been in the past. The faithful had the Pope between them, with them. Another reason why the meeting reconcile began its work

The opening of the Council

The Second Vatican Council was officially opened on 11 October 1962 by Pope John XXIII in the Vatican Basilica. Great anticipation in the church had caused the announcement of convening its three years before. After forty-four months and in front of Fathers came from all over the world, here is the opening speech of the work of John XXIII.

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