How to get there

(Highway A4 Milan-Venice).
Exit toll: Capriate. At the roundabout, there are appropriate signs just passed the toll: take the second right; after about 12 km in Calusco when the road ends with a roundabout, take again the second right, following the signs. At the traffic light of Carvico, after just over 1 km, turn right again. After less than 2 km take the lane turning left (the second) with signs. After 1 km you enter the country.

Take the train or bus to Bergamo. Fuori dalla stazione ferroviaria del capoluogo orobico uscendo sulla destra oltre il piazzale si trova la stazione delle autolinee. Outside the railway station on the right over the square there is the bus station. Ask for sotto il monte. A stop is close to the birthplace. The route takes about 45 minutes.

Orio al Serio Airport
(tel. 035.326111/312315) using the International Air Transport Flying Services (tel. 035.311255) or Flygroup, via aereoporto  13, Orio al Serio (tel. 035.462606) or Bergamo, via Sylva 1, (tel. 035.402881). From Orio there is a service line linking the airport with the city of Bergamo, which continue by taxi or bus, as indicated above.

The Birthplace

Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli was born in a very poor room where you can still see the picture of Madonna who had their parents, their bed and furnitures. In the adjacent room, where sisters was sleeping, in addition to his clothing, there are still his furnitures, as the desk where young seminarian began to write his autobiography spiritual: il giornale dell’anima - The newspaper of the soul. Once you get off in the yard there is a corridor closed  with windows which reproduce photos of the main events of the life of Pope John. At the end of the corridor we arrive at the Seminar of the Pontificio Istituto Missioni Estere (PIME) where there is a faithful venerated bronze statue that reproduces the figure of Pope height natural, destination for all pilgrims. Nearby  the Church of the seminar there are rooms with the testimony of thanks received from pilgrims from all over the world.

Missionari del PIME
Custodi della Casa Natale
Via Colombera, 5
Tel. 035 791101; fax 035/791198


Church of Santa Maria

The Church of Santa Maria, a few steps from the birthplace, is where the little Angelo Roncalli received his baptism and years later, in 1904, celebrated his first Mass at the home country. Dating back to the fifteenth century, has paintings and frescoes of good quality.


Madonna delle Caneve (Our Lady of Caneve)

It 'a small shrine located in the middle  of beech trees and vineyards, not far from town. Built in 1727 has outside a narrow arcade, which rests on four columns. Inside there is an altar on which overlooks a recently restored ancient fresco, perhaps the same period of Camaitino frescoes. A painting with a Madonna and Child blessing, now located in a side wall, covered the oldest painting. The temple was restored in 1961 by the will of Pope John.


Ca’ Maitino

Taking to the parish church, recognizable from the bell tower, and going to the left,  there is the house used by Angelo Roncalli for the annual summer vacation, as when he was Bishop as when he was Cardinal Patriarch. It is now entrusted to the custody of the Sisters of "Poverelle."
Here, Msgr. Loris Francesco Capovilla, the old and faithful secretary, has collected, in an interesting museum, many memories of the Pope. Vi fanno spicco l'altare dove celebrava la S. There are leading the altar where he celebrated Holy Mass at the Vatican, the bed where he last breathed on June 3, 1963, and many gifts received  from all over the world.

 The museum is open from 8.30 to 12.00 and from 14.30 to 17.30 (winter) or 18.30 (summer) daily.
Closed on Mondays


Parish Church

The Parish Church of St. John the Baptist dated to the beginning of the twentieth century. Inside you can admire a lot of eighteenth frescoes originally placed in the old parish, and others by Bartolomeo Nazari and Francesco Capella, and an imposing statue of Our Lady, which is annually  carried in procession in the streets of the country. In the crypt are buried Giovanni battista Roncalli and Marianna Mazzola, parents of the pontiff.


S. John's Tower

S. John’s Tower, positioned on the hill that dominates the country and dated to the ninth century. Originally built as a bulwark of sighting, was also used as a bell tower. Angelo Roncalli, in the periods of staying in Sotto il Monte, sometimes went for short walks reading his breviary.


Botta's Church

The Church of the Sacred Heart of in Botta was designed in 1927 by ing. Luigi Angelini. Luigi Angelini. It has  monumental style, eclectic, and its interior is inspired by Renaissance style. The first stone, blessed by Msgr. Luigi M. Luigi M. Marelli, was placed on 8 October 1928. The church was completed in 1931 and consecrated on August 25, 1932 by Msgr. Adriano Bernareggi.


Abbey S. Egidio in Fontanella

The abbey of Sant'Egidio is an example of archaic beauty of Romanesque in Bergamo, that is also expressed in the nearby church of San Tome of Almenno San Bartolomeo. The building has three naves culminating in three absids slightly ornate outside. The interior walls are the remains of frescoes of the XV and XVI still perfectly legible, even if the characters represented are uncertain. The church has suffered over the centuries many damages caused both by men and specific attacks by fighters in medieval, but also many restorations, some of them inappropriate and detrimental. The last important restoration, which has concluded a cycle begun in the last century, dates from 1959/62 and has returned the church in the present state; other restorations of lesser weight were made later. There lived long in tribute and Pope John XXIII another great religious figure of the twentieth century: PADRE David Maria Turoldo, poet, translator of sacred texts, writer, which remains alive in the memory of the abbey.